kerb [ kɜrb ]
the British spelling of curb

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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  • Kerb — or KERB may refer to:* Kerb (road) * Kerb weight * Kerb (archaeology) or peristalith, a Megalithic architectural stone ring * Kerberos, a computer authentication system * KERB (AM), a radio station (600 FM) licensed to Kermit, Texas, United… …   Wikipedia

  • Kerb — Kerb, n. See {Curb}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • kerb — BrE curb AmE [kə:b US kə:rb] n [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: curb] the edge of the ↑pavement (=raised path) at the side of a road ▪ His car mounted the kerb and ploughed into a bus queue …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Kerb — bezeichnet: im regionalen Dialekt im Saarland, an der unteren Nahe, in der westlichen und nördlichen Pfalz, in Teilen von Südhessen beziehungsweise Rheinhessen und in Unterfranken die Kirchweih die britische Schreibweise von Curb (Randsteine im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • kerb — 1660s, a variant of CURB (Cf. curb) (q.v.). The preferred British spelling in certain specialized senses, especially edging of stone on a pavement (1805) …   Etymology dictionary

  • kerb — (US curb) ► NOUN ▪ a stone edging to a pavement or raised path. ORIGIN variant of CURB(Cf. ↑curb) …   English terms dictionary

  • kerb — [kʉrb] n. Brit. sp. of CURB (n. 5, 6, & vt. 3) …   English World dictionary

  • kerb — (BrE) (AmE curb) noun ADJECTIVE ▪ dropped (BrE) ▪ Dropped kerbs make wheelchair access easier. VERB + KERB/CURB ▪ pull away from ▪ The car pulled away from t …   Collocations dictionary

  • kerb — n. Brit. a stone edging to a pavement or raised path. Phrases and idioms: kerb crawler a person who indulges in kerb crawling. kerb crawling the practice of driving slowly along the edge of a road, soliciting passers by. kerb drill precautions,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • kerb — curb, kerb In BrE, curb is a noun meaning ‘a check or restraint’ and a verb meaning ‘to restrain’. As a noun it also means ‘a strap fastened to a bit on a horse’, and ‘a fender round a hearth’. In AmE, curb has these meanings and is also ‘a stone …   Modern English usage

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